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is an experienced Design & Build firm encompassing all aspects of interior architecture.
Corporate fit out, retail and residential projects are our core business.


Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with our client in an interactive and collaborative way to fully understand the vision and aspirations for their projects.

From this we’ve been able to development and design exciting design projects of both global scale and caliber!

It’s been our sincere goal to ensure that our clients are our business partners, and it’s from this dedication to superior service that we’ve been able to build our portfolio of great people and companies that share our passion for success!

Our Management Methodology.

We take our pride of our internal Quality Management Programme which allows us to continually grow and to continue to grow with our client’s and business partners.

Time Control

Completion on time
  • Generate programme indicating all critical paths within the project periods.
  • Weekly project control group meeting for problem solving.
  • Allow contingencies plan in each stages.

Cost Control

Completion within budget
  • Workout total budget forecast listing all expenses for the project
  • Weekly review and update at project control group meeting.
  • Comprehensive bid processes to optimize project costs .

Quality control

Completion with satisfaction
  • Daily site inspection to ensure all works meet with design standard.
  • Pre-inspection before delivery and installation.
  • Manage replacement and touch up works before formal handover.

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